sergee bee 7311 unsplash
sergee bee 7311 unsplash

It is interesting that when we hear certain words, like palliative care, our minds tend to focus on the negativity surrounding the word or phrase. While palliative care can seem daunting to some, the fact is it can whatever you want it to be.

Whether you work in a palliative care job or are visiting someone who is there or caregiving for a loved one, it is about looking after yourself as well and embracing the positivity that this environment can give you, if you are able to open your mind and heart.







A very challenging environment to be in for sure but there are ways to help you manage your time in a positive way. You can truly enjoy your job and/or your time with your loved one.

Like many things in life, it is how we take our experiences and move beyond. Never forgetting to take the time to reflect and heal and to look after ourselves. If we figure out how to look after ourselves, spending time in a palliative care environment for work or personal reasons can truly provide you with an opportunity to reap some benefits. And those benefits can certainly overpower some of the negativity.

A phrase we have heard lately is ‘the darks days of palliative care’. Learn more from a doctor who works in palliative care and his ideas on how ‘the dark days,’ can be turned around in this original article. Click here.