Sexual Relationships
Sexual Relationships

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One thing is for sure; you can never force sexual attraction. But come to think of it, is sexual attraction important in a relationship? This is one of the areas in life that no one teaches you. Even the most romantic encounters that began from the best online dating sites may change in the course of your relationship.

It may probably be attributed to aging, genetics, or just being bored after years of being in a relationship. Regardless of the reasons for the failing sexual attraction in long term relationships, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. There are different ways you can ignite the spark without necessarily going into a new relationship.


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The Need to Complement Each Other 

Once you are in a relationship, you should always make a point of complimenting each other. When there is no sexual attraction, you’ll always try hard to change the situation to please each other. When it comes to appearance, strive to make it about you first. If you feel confident, your partner will feel the sexual attraction.

There are still a lot of simple things that can help spice things up. For instance, a change of clothes or a makeover can encourage a sense of sexual attraction between partners.

Be Open to Communication

If you are still asking yourself if sexual attraction can last for years, don’t forget to talk about what’s bothering you. If you have offenses and issues, never keep it to yourself. If your relationship is filled with anxiety, it’s impossible to create sexual attraction with your partner.

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If it is the pressure from work that’s causing stress, you need to start by finding a source to the problem rather than transferring it into your relationship. If there are new things you want to explore in the bedroom, feel free to share them with your partner. Be open to new ideas that you both agree and see whether you can ignite extra sexual attraction.

Surprises and Excitements Spice up Your Relationship

In a recent study, researchers gave couples a list of activities to perform, for example attending concerts, ice skating, skiing, going out with friends, or cooking. The couples had to choose an activity they would spend doing for 90 minutes each week. After ten weeks, those involved in activities were more satisfied with life and relationship.

There’s no doubt that excitement and surprises are vital to sexual attraction. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no sexual attraction without feelings. This is why uncertainties can enhance the pleasures of positive events, which ultimately makes lovers feel connected.

 The Value of Mental and Emotional Connection

 If you’re still figuring out, can a sexual attraction turn into love, you should figure out how you and your partner should connect physically and mentally. Many people tend to believe that physical attraction is all about appearance, but it’s usually more than that. If there is a drop in physical attraction, then the same goes for sexual attraction.

Probably you have all been busy with work that you haven’t had time to create a sexual connection. Regardless of the reasons, the result is that you won’t feel the sexual attraction as much as you’d want to. Try to find more time for you two and relax together.

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It would still help if you both consider going out for dessert at a coffee shop, or taking a walk in the park. Take note that when you build the mental and emotional connection, sexual attraction returns with it.

Understand the Need for Sexual Attraction in Relationships

Lovers need to understand that sexual attraction is natural and will always be a part of relationships. The key to figuring out sexual attraction is essential to your relationship. If there are any stumbling blocks, you need to uncover what they are and figure out what to do about them.

Do you have some special secrets to spice up the relationship back again? Please share your thoughts and suggestions on the comment section below.