The longer you live in a place, the more stuff, also known as junk, piles up. For most of us, it’s time to winnow it down. Here are some tips to make that an easier way to get rid of things you don’t need, can’t use, or have outlived their usefulness.  

Start easy. Comb through these places first.  

  • Your Makeup Drawers  
  • The Medicine Cabinet 
  • Your Spice Shelves 
  • The rest of your Kitchen Cupboards  

In every one of these places you will find products that are well passed their “use by dates”. It’s time to throw them out. They not only lose their potency or flavor, but can even be dangerous. Some  drugstores will take your old prescriptions to dispose of properly.  

Next, go to your clothes closet.  

Look at every piece of clothing and your shoes as well. Ask yourself, “Have I worn that  in the last two years?” If you haven’t, you’re probably not going to wear it again, or slim  down to fit in it. Everything of use to others should be laundered and nearly folded and  taken to a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other place that can recycle them for others to  use.  

Take a look at your bookshelves. Maybe someone else would enjoy those books you’ll  never read again. Most libraries are very happy to get donations and resell them at their  own book sales.  

Go to that closet or storage locker last.  

If you’re like me, you have a collection of “just in case” items. You probably have a  growing collection of boxes and bags. Recycle half of them. You’re never going to need  all of them.  

If you have actively down all of these things, you will have rid yourself of a lot of things  that simply amount to clutter at your home. Pat yourself on the back.