Managing Incontinence

If you have a family party coming up soon and you’re worried about potential incontinence issues, these tips on managing symptoms will be quite helpful.

With the holidays coming up, the time for parties and family gatherings is almost here. If you’re new to dealing with incontinence, these events might be a little nerve-wracking. However, there’s no need to fear. With our tips on how to manage incontinence at a party, you’ll be able to handle these events like a pro.

Make a Note of All Bathrooms

When you first arrive at the destination, the first thing you should do is make a note of where all the bathrooms are. If you’ve never been to the host’s home, you could ask them for a little tour. If that’s not possible, you can take the time to look around. This step is easy to do discretely, especially if they have plenty of decorations up for the holidays. Knowing all the restrooms’ locations will be very helpful when you need to find one quickly.

Avoid Trigger Foods and Drinks

Almost every party will feature food and drinks, so you may want to be careful about what you consume. You probably have a good idea of your trigger foods by now, but if you don’t, it’s wise to avoid anything with citrus or spice. If you know there won’t be much you’re comfortable eating at this party, you could always eat beforehand or bring your own meal.

When it comes to drinks, avoiding trigger foods at parties can be much harder. The top party drinks are usually alcohol and pop, which are notable triggers for incontinence. While many hosts will offer water, it isn’t a bad idea to bring a bottle or two yourself.

Pack Plenty of Extras

The main thing you should prepare ahead of time to help you manage your incontinence during the party is a pack of extra incontinence supplies. Whether you use briefs, pads, or catheters, having plenty of extras will help ensure that you never run out while you’re there.

If you don’t normally carry a supply bag, find something to pack these items in and locate a spot to keep them, such as near other guest bags or in a bathroom. If you’re comfortable discussing your incontinence with the host, you can plan a location with them beforehand.

Holiday parties aren’t always close to home. You might have to travel a while to get there. Fortunately, on top of packing enough supplies before you leave, there are many tips for traveling with incontinence that will help you out.

Dress in Darker Tones

As long as you follow these tips, you should never have to worry about an accident, but it’s never a bad idea to prepare. That’s why it’s a good idea to dress in darker tones for the night of the party. If you experience a leak, you won’t have to worry about it showing through in front of others. Black is the best color to use to avoid this problem, but any dark tone will do the trick.