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Since many seniors want to stay in their homes as they age, making their living space safe is of utmost importance. Though they may be in good health their flexibility, eyesight and balance are not as good as they once were. They are also not as strong and for many seniors the bathroom holds risks.







It is easy for a senior to slip and fall in the bathtub or shower. Getting into or out of the bathtub may be difficult as we age. Our lack of mobility and strength make it harder for us to lift our legs to get in or lift our bodies to get out.

How can you make your bathroom safer?

  • Think minimal. Do away with bathroom rugs or decorations that could easily fall on the floor. Both are slip hazards. Keep clothing and towels off the floor and hang them where they won’t fall in the path of where you walk.
  • Add grab bars. There are various types of grab bars available that you can use. They are useful in the shower and bathtub as well as along the wall if needed. Have them installed at the best height for you to use.
  • Raise your toilet seat. Either purchase a taller toilet or install an elevated seat, preferably with grab bars. Elderly seniors find it difficult to lift themselves from the toilet seat and can easily fall getting on or off the toilet.
  • Check your water temperature. Many hot water tanks are set far hotter than they should be. The water should be hot but not so hot that you can accidentally scald yourself when you use it.

Considers costs if you decide to renovate your bathroom. Some seniors are investing in walk in bathtubs but for those who rent this isn’t possible. Do what you can to make your bathroom as safe as possible. To read the full article on tips to make your bathroom safer, click here.