When it comes to things we love but might be bad for us, especially when we overdo it, sugar tops the list. Sugar can add calories and give our blood sugar a run for its money.







But then there’s coffee—awesome, amazing coffee. Coffee has lots of health benefits, including reduced risk of death from diseases such as stroke and cancer. But mix sugar with coffee, and you might be taking away some of those health benefits.

Fortunately, though, there are more healthful ways to add flavor to coffee without relying just on sugar. Take the well-known spice cinnamon. A little bit of it in your coffee and you add a welcome smell and flavor. And you may just get yourself a few more health benefits, such as an ability to fight off inflammation. How else can you jazz up your coffee and not sacrifice your health? This graphic explains it


8 Ways to Make Your Coffee Tastier Without Sugar
“8 Ways to Make Your Coffee Tastier Without Sugar” on Health Perch