Endurance scaled
Endurance scaled

As you grow older, have you noticed it seems more difficult to muster the energy to do even the easiest activities? When other people your age are doing things like running marathons, or traveling the world, you might want to know their secret. Odds are, with just a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you can find that extra get-up-and-go that will have you keeping up with the best of them. Here are six ideas to help you build more endurance and live your best life.

Cut Back Work Hours

If you’re still working, it can be hard to break away especially if you love what you do. When you find yourself putting in way too many extra hours at the workplace, or at home, you could be overworking yourself. Many jobs are not only physically demanding, but mentally taxing, as well. By the time you’ve wrapped up work, your energy level is all but depleted. Instead of putting effort into working all those added hours, make a pact with yourself to quit by a certain time, no excuses allowed. This allows for some extra zing in your day.

Check Your Diet

Another area of life that can prevent you from feeling that vim and vigor you crave, is your diet. If you’re eating high carbohydrate and sugar-laden foods, you’ll constantly feel rundown. Make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body deserves. Add vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, as well as protein from lean meats and other tasty sources like the ones in positive proplant complete shake reviews. Healthy eating can give you that pizzazz you’ve been missing.

Stop Sleeping In

It might sound counterproductive, but if you’re regularly sleeping in, you’ll feel less energetic for the remainder of the day. Instead of snoozing until noon, even on days you can, go to bed earlier and then get up on time. You’ll have the entire day spread out before you and an opportunity to get lots of things done. Being productive each day gives you purpose and will lead to more stamina.

Don’t Stop Exercising

If you feel like you’re lacking the strength to complete a workout, you may be tempted to take the day off. Unless you’re sick, don’t do it! One day off leads to another and another, and soon you’ll find yourself caught in a destructive cycle. Working out is a great way to rev your metabolism and feel energized, but if you’re having an off day, consider a lighter session or a short walk. Avoid the “all or nothing” approach. Even a small workout is better than none and still benefits you.

Try Aromatherapy

Put a little zing into a sleepy day with aromatherapy. There are certain scents that are proven to help you feel more awake and ready-to-go. Among these scents are peppermint. Almost everyone loves the smell of mint and it makes you feel more alive. Try chewing some mint gum, or sipping mint tea. You can also benefit from the eye-opening scent of citrus. The aroma of oranges and lemons never fails to create an upbeat mood and invokes sweet, summertime memories.

Keep a Routine

While it’s good to take a day off and reset, you’re likely to have a bit more moxie when you plan your day and have a routine ready. Waking up and having no organization to your day can leave you feeling unmotivated and more apt to find reasons to laze around. Having a routine schedule will get you up and going, especially when you’re accustomed to doing things at specific times like work, exercise, errands and even cleaning.

Achieve Vitality

As you grow older, don’t accept having less energy as just a fact of life. While your body changes over time, liveliness and vitality can be achieved no matter what your age. You’ll find that with just a few minor fix-ups to your day-to-day activities, you’ll find the spring in your step you’ve been looking for.