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We all have them. Those times in the grocery store where we pay for our groceries and then leave the bags there. Walking into a room and totally forgetting why we went there in the first place. Words that just a year ago we used all the time but have suddenly slipped right out of our minds. Are these senior moments?

While some consider the phrase “senior moment” to be insulting, others think it is a perfect description of the times when they do things that only wise people do when they’re busy. Those senior moments. You need a good sense of humour to just laugh at yourself when they happen to you.

What are some examples of senior moments and what can you add to this list?

How often have you been missing something only to find you’ve put it in the refrigerator and it doesn’t belong to any of the food groups?

Keys left in the door and a kindly neighbour knocks and gives them to you?

Do you wonder sometimes why you put something on the stove and it seems to take forever to cook? It’s not that you’re watching the pot and as the saying goes, a watched pot never boils. It’s that you forgot to turn on the stove!

Moments like these can be caused by a list of things. Lack of sleep is high on the list. If we’re overworked, forgetting little things can be common. There is some memory loss as we get older and there are easy ways to handle this.

Tips for reducing senior moments

  1. Always make lists.
  2. Use calendars.
  3. Carry a small notebook and pen with you. The less you have on your mind that needs to be remembered, the easier it will be to remember the important things!
  4. Learn stress management techniques such as breathing exercises.
  5. Listen to music during your daily activities. It can relax you and help you focus.
  6. Say no when requests for help or assistance start to build up.
  7. Get more sleep. Many of us have problems with insomnia and if you don’t sleep well, at least relax in bed for an hour or two before trying to sleep. Read a book or listen to audiotapes. Many seniors leave audiotapes with music playing all night. Others use white noise or CDs with nature sounds.

The more you can do to unclutter your life, the more it will unclutter your mind and this will help with your memory. Slow down and do things one at a time. Take more time for yourself and when those senior moments do happen, remember to laugh at yourself!

Senior moments aren’t owned by just seniors. Their basis is information overload, multi-tasking and stress. They can happen at any age!