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Entering retirement isn’t just about lazy days in front of the television. To the contrary, seniors of today are more active than ever. From traveling the world to starting their own businesses, this older demographic is proving that age is just a number. If you’re close to retirement and planning this next chapter, here’s four reasons why you should consider going back to school.

Learn Something New

Hitting the books once again means learning new skills. Even if you already earned a degree, you’re never too old to learn and grow. In fact, seniors who further their education can maintain or actually increase their cognitive ability.

Make New Friends

When you retire, it’s not uncommon to lose touch with colleagues. If you’re single, you might find yourself spending more time alone than you really want. Returning to school is the best place to make new friends and remain active. Loneliness is a precursor to depression, so heading out to class every day is a win-win situation.

Share Your Wisdom with Others

Contrary to what you might think, the younger generations actually enjoy spending time with older people. It gives them an opportunity to learn from someone with life experience, and it gives you a chance to see the world from a different perspective. As eager as they are to return, some seniors might avoid earning another degree because of financial constraints. Since retiring can cut your income in half, you might not be able to afford tuition. If paying for courses is an issue, you can apply for a loan through a private lender. They offer loans based on your financial needs and overall ability for repayments once you complete your degree and start earning a living.

Build Your Own Business

If you always wanted to start your own business, now’s the time. And since you’re retired, you now have the time to dedicate to your studies without having to pull all-night study sessions. You can learn at your own pace while building your dream business.

Let Your Worries Go

As exciting as it is, going back to college can be scary. You worry that the curriculum will be too difficult or that you won’t fit in with other students. The best way to overcome these fears is to believe in yourself which is a natural way to stay healthy mentally and physically, coincidentally. You have time and wisdom on your side, so heading back to school will be easy. In addition, there are plenty of free resources available on campus and online to help you as well. All colleges offer peer tutoring and counseling services. Once you graduate, you can even work with the career services center to help you re-enter the workforce if you like.

Opt for Online Education

If you prefer, you can also attend classes online. Not everyone thrives on campus, and that’s perfectly okay. You can still enjoy interacting with classmates digitally while earning your degree from the comfort of home. You also have access to your courses any time of the day, which is a huge bonus. Online courses also offer the same perks on-campus classes do. You’ll have access to the library, study groups and online mixers as well.