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We are listening at Seniors Lifestyle Magazine…true story! When we posted a winter readiness checklist article in November we had a great response.

Then we heard how many would like to have the 3 checklists in an easy, downloadable document. So voila! We created 3 checklists for you that you can download and print off the ones you want or download them to your computer or tablet and review them there.

Might we suggest you forward them to others who may need to make sure they are winter ready, especially knowing that winter has taken many of us by surprise already!

Or print off a few copies and give them to your family and friends so they too can make sure they are winter ready!

Go to our Resource tab to see all of our downloads or click on the one below that you need right now!

Is Your Home Winter Readiness Checklist #1

Is Your Vehicle Winter Readiness Checklist #2

Are YOU Winter Readiness Checklist #3

Please enjoy these easy checklists. We want to help make things easier for everyone. We want everyone to be safe, healthy and happy this winter and always!

Share them with anyone you think could benefit from them!