Cooking For Two
Cooking For Two

Has your family size decreased, and you find yourself still cooking family meals? Have you notice the leftover containers in the refrigerator that eventually you will throw away?

Most recipes are for families of 4-8 people. As a Senior, our household has decreased yet we still have the same recipes. Yes, freezing leftovers are good, if you don’t keep them to long and eat them.







“For Two” Cookbook is a cookbook that has recipes that are for two servings. Whether it is for you or you and a guest. It allows you to have a meal without scrambling for containers for all that leftover food.     This book will also help you adjust the recipes you already have. With measurements, cooking time and equipment information to make the change. You can make everything in this cookbook, and I hope you do! No need to plan to spend the day in the kitchen cooking. The recipes are quick and easy to make.

Cutting your recipes in half

I have found that most of my recipes can feed an army, well seems like it. Now with my family down to just me, those recipes are just too much, and I didn’t want to stop making them. I don’t like a lot of leftovers in my refrigerator either, so finding a way to cut them down was important.

So, I spent some time cutting them in half and some in thirds. Especially recipes like Poor Man Spaghetti. Now, I make it in a loaf pan, 2-4 servings depending on how big the slices are. I usually make that when I’m having someone over for dinner. Then I can give them what is left.

Before cutting your recipe in half, write it out so you will be able to see what you’re working with. If it calls for 3 eggs and you are cutting it in half, use 2 eggs. Also, your temperature will not change but the length of time will. However, your pan size will also change. Important to purchase smaller cooking supplies.

Downsizing your home for comfort

Downsizing is something I had no idea how to do. I hadn’t been around anyone that had done it before. I made plans to put my 2900 sq. ft. home on the market. It’s just me, why do I need all this house. 4 bedrooms that I only live in 2 of them, my bedroom and my craft room. So, I decided to sell my home and move into an apartment. I went from 2900 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. BIG change. So, it was important for me to start the “get that stuff out of here” thing.

So off I go, here’s a few things that I did:

  1. I figured out what I needed. I made a list of the things I really needed and some of the things I thought I needed. I went from room to room. My kitchen was last.
  2. I gathered boxes to put things into to donate. I call the Cancer/Battered Women’s Shelter to schedule pick-ups. I have donated to them for years as they don’t sell their items and I like that.
  3. How do you let go of something that you have had for 30 years? But the memories I said to myself. I had to keep telling myself, let someone else make memories with it. My rule of thumb was if I did not put my hands on it in 2 years, I did not need it. Never mind that one day I will need it. I had to look at the bigger picture.
  4. I found myself reasoning why I needed an item. Then I realized that I wouldn’t have room for all the stuff in a small place. Logic set in. Careful, you can talk yourself into keeping it regardless. Be mindful of that.

The hardest thing for me, was to remember I am downsizing. So, go easy on yourself. It’s a hard process but one that will make you happy in the end.

Adjusting to the change

Deciding to de-clutter or downsizing is an event that can pull on your heart. “CHANGE”. Some people adjust well to change and even welcome it. Others procrastinate or fight it. I reside in the middle. I have a little of both traits.

Leaving a place that you have been for some time can be challenging. It’s about letting go of the old and making room for the new. If you are de-cluttering, then you still have your residence and just clearing out stuff.  It’s a matter of going through things that have accumulated over time and finding someplace outside the home for them. Letting go is hard to do especially when your emotions are connected to an item. If you are moving to a smaller residence, then downsizing is hard. We look at the reason why we are downsizing and what change has happened in our life to bring this about.

I feel the older we get the less we really need. We may not party as much, hang out as much or even cook as much. Adjusting to a new residence that is smaller than what you left can be emotional. But once you see that you made the change and it was for the better, you will realize you’re ok and you did it.

Exerts from “For Two” Cookbook, more than cooking!