bigstock Happy halloween Carving pumpki 145844924 scaled
bigstock Happy halloween Carving pumpki 145844924 scaled

Hallowe’en is making a comeback. Every year we see more homes decorated in orange and black with spooky creatures on the lawns and black paper cats on the windows. Hallowe’en is not just for kids! You’re never too old! Adults have always enjoyed this time of year and there’s plenty for seniors to do too.  Maybe you can’t go out trick or treating but you can still stay up (just a little bit) late and enjoy the evening.

What are Hallowe’en ideas for older adults?

  • Try a trunk party where you go trunk to trunk for goodies instead of door to door. There are lots of sugar free ideas available now for those who have diabetes and dressing up is still lots of fun!
  • Have the grandchildren at your home and plan a sleepover. Small children love to dress up and you can make Hallowe’en goodies together. Read some spooky stories or watch children’s Hallowe’en movies for the evening.
  • For those in a senior’s residence, try a karaoke night centred on spooky songs. Monster Mash, anyone? After karaoke bring out the old Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi horror films. Residents can also have their own version of trick or treating.
  • Get together with family or friends and carve the traditional jack-o-lantern. See who can come up with the most original design.
  • Make up your own version of Hallowe’en charades. It could be characters in a movie or just scary things.







For many adults and seniors, Hallowe’en is their favourite holiday of the year. They get to dress up, scare each other in a safe way and have a party, all at the same time! Hallowe’en has a spirit of its own that no other holiday can match. Just because you aren’t a kid doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of that spirit too. Get out the costumes and have a party!