If you are trying to exercise more or get together more often with friends and meet new people, sports may help. Here are the top social sports to try out.

Two aspects of life that you should maintain as the years go by are exercise and socializing. Exercise takes care of the physical state of your body, while socializing promotes mental well-being. If you find you’re lacking in either department—or both—why not join a sports activity where you can do both? Not all sports need to be ultra-intense. On the contrary, there are quite a few sports that allow you to exercise at a more comfortable rate while also connecting with friends. Here are the top social sports to try out.


Badminton is ideal for those who want to stay active without excessively straining their body. The basic goal of the game is to hit the shuttlecock, which consists of a small head and attached feathers, over the net and onto the ground on the other team’s side. The lightweight nature of the shuttlecock means that badminton does not have to be played very aggressively. Running and jumping are not requirements, for instance, which is beneficial if you want to avoid injuries. Even if you’re new to the sport, you can quickly start playing with friends using your own net and racquets in the backyard, or visit your local senior center to get started.


Another social sport you could consider is bowling. It’s relatively easy to find a league that you can join to learn the game and talk to teammates. As there are many moments where you will be sitting and waiting for your turn, it gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting friendships. As you observe and learn from more seasoned players, you can have fun improving your skills as well. Not to mention, you can play rain or shine while safely under the alley’s roof.


You’ve heard it countless times—golf is one of the best social games out there. Its steady pacing coupled with the course’s beauty allows you to appreciate the company of friends and make new ones. Whether you’re trying to best your old pal or taking in the fresh air, you’re sure to find a good time with the sport. You’ll exercise with your swings and with the walking involved, and you’ll have lots of time to converse during and after the game. Moreover, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding and joining a golf league, as there are many leagues for seniors in most areas.