new people

For the most part, if you are looking to meet new people you have to change your routine. Go places you don’t normally go or change your approach while at these places. The world is full of people looking to make connections, socialize and form new friendships. You just need to know where, and how, to go about it.

Farmer’s Market







There is always a great sense of community at the farmer’s market. People are there to learn, shop, chat, and make a proper outing of the occasion. Use this opportunity to talk with the farmers and trade tips with other customers.


Restaurants with community tables

Everyone needs to eat, and more people dine alone than you might think. Seek out restaurants with community tables or long bar tables so it is easy to make conversation with those seated nearby.

Join Toastmasters

What better way to meet new people than at a public speaking group such as Toastmasters? The whole point is to get people comfortable talking and taking on leadership roles. Use this time to make connections with others in the group, and then take what you learn out into the community.

The dog park

If you have a dog, the dog park is the place to be. Not only does it provide a built in conversation starter (the dogs) but people there are typically not in a rush and looking to socialize.


Seminars and speaking events

Seminars and speaking events provide the opportunity to learn more about a subject or topic while interacting with others who share the same interest. Engage those around you in conversation, and suggest keeping the discussion going after the event over coffee.

The local pub

This is a relaxed location that is likely to have a good atmosphere, good food, and others looking to socialize. Chat with the bartender, introduce yourself to any regulars, and enjoy the music.

Take a class

Hobby classes are an easy way to meet new people because 1) you already share an interest, and 2) you will be with the same group of people for an hour a week for several weeks. But remember, hands-on type classes such as art or cooking make it easier to socialize than something like a lecture series.

Sporting events

Minor or major leagues, sporting events bring people together. Introduce yourself to those seated nearby, talk stats, ask questions, and enjoy the game.

The library

Libraries often host various groups as well as hold public events. Find out what’s going on at your local library and sign up.


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