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As seniors look into new options for living as they age, home sharing is becoming an increasingly viable solution. Many seniors are self sufficient but lack the income to live on their own and also would like some company. Many home share programs have started up in communities, matching those who have a home with another senior who needs somewhere to live. Those who share homes are like typical roommates. They share a living space but still have independent interests.

What are some of the benefits of home sharing?

  • Companionship. Many seniors who own their home and want to stay there, don’t want to live alone. They are still quite able to look after themselves and are looking for a companion. For those who are looking for somewhere to live, living as a roommate with another senior with similar interests works well.
  • Safety. Quite often seniors who live alone worry about what could happen to them in a medical emergency. If they should fall or have another health problem, a roommate is there to help.
  • Independence. Most seniors would like to avoid moving into an assisted living facility. A senior roommate is not there to assist with the other’s health problems or take the place of a caregiver so those living in these arrangements should be in good health. Another option is to have a caregiver(s) for both roommates.
  • Less worry. The families of roommates feel better knowing their loved one is not living alone. There are also match up programs in many areas where seniors have a younger person, such as a college or university student living with them.







Before deciding whether or not you would like to share your home, make a list of rules that you would like as part of the negotiation process. Some home sharers welcome pets while others insist on only male or female roommates. Interview possible roommates and make sure they’ll be a good fit for you. Always get references! To read more on home sharing as an option for senior living, click here.