One of my favourite expressions is “The Priority Is” especially when working with seniors that are emotional and their families. Each person/ each family has different priorities and often people don’t stop to recognize what they are.







Senior Moves tries to make each move as stress free and efficient as possible. Another priority of ours is that the suite be “safe”. This means being sensitive to hazards such as mats and items that could hinder their mobility. We encourage people to bring chairs (with solid arms) that are easy to get out of and tables with four legs that won’t tip if they put weight on them when getting up. When seniors have a fall they don’t heal quickly and some never fully recover.

For some people I will say, “The priority is to get you moved and Keep Your Health.  Yes, at 90 you can still do a lot but is it really wise?”

For others the priority is to do the move as economically as possible. The decisions take lots of time and energy so we can give guidelines to make everything smoother, more efficient and economical. In condo buildings often you pay for someone to watch the door during the move but if a family member took on that responsibility it could save around $100.

Some seniors know their priority is to remove as much stress as possible from their busy children so they hire professionals to do as much as possible. At times a child will be present on moving day or come from a distance a day after the move to help a parent “settle in.”

Over the last 23 years we have had many calls to have a suite prepared for a parent who is being discharged from the hospital. We try to be sensitive to bring items that will make an unexpected transition as stress free as possible. Especially in this situation it’s important to be sensitive to what the senior’s eyes will see as the door is opened. It might be a curio cabinet, a book case, special photos or a favourite chair.

For some seniors the priority is to bring as many “treasures” as possible. Recently we moved eight book cases to a retirement residence for a retired librarian. Often there will be a china cabinet which can display their favourite china, crystal or figurines. One lady brought a king sized bed “just in case” she met someone in the residence. Another lady is moving to an assisted adult residence and we were able to work in her piano into the living room for her.

The list could go on and on but when you know what your priority is, it is much easier to make decisions that line up with it.

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