Moving to a new home can get expensive. There are many things that can add to the cost of a move because a home owner wasn’t fully prepared. But, don’t fret. Here are a few things you should consider before the big moving day.







If the move involves using an elevator it is necessary to reserve the elevator and at times give either a refundable or non-refundable deposit. Senior Moves has booked an elevator and had another moving company arrive that had not. The management always honoured us and told the other company to come back later.

When a client is not properly prepared a move will take longer especially when someone is downsizing and they haven’t fully decided what items will be moved. (We can help with this necessary process) At times they move too much and there is no room for it so they end up paying the moving company to remove items and either donate or dispose of them. Several times the movers have had to carry furniture up or down several flights of stairs when the client didn’t know if it would fit in an elevator or not. Excessive clutter is a safety hazard. Make sure the pathway they need to take is clear.

Parking for the moving truck is important. When you have to move a vehicle or find owners of vehicles that are parked where the truck needs to park this will add to the time the movers will end up charging.

The criticism we hear about the most from movers is about open boxes. Movers do not like moving boxes that are open or don’t have a lid! Also remember that boxes that are not taped properly can fall apart. This adds to the time movers will take to pick items up that may have fallen out, but also you don’t want any of your possessions to get broken if they do fall out.

Inclement weather can add to the cost. If there is a chance of snow or freezing rain make sure shovels and salt are available. Most movers will not shovel snow or walk on slippery surfaces.

Make sure pets, small children, friends and seniors are not in an area that interrupts the movers path. This is a safety issue!  You do not want someone getting hurt! We have had to ask the movers to take a break until people left the moving areas.

When people are expecting to get keys to their new home and there is a delay they have to pay the movers to sit and wait. Once a client of ours got his keys at four o’clock and the movers had been waiting for access at 1 o’clock.

Removing and installing doors or railings for larger pieces of furniture can add to your cost. Some moving companies will not do this and some will for an additional fee. Disassembling large cabinets, entertainment units, book shelves add to costs. Again, some companies will do this and some will not. Narrow stairways and stair-lifts can be hazardous for team members. Some movers will work around stair lifts and some insist that the lift be removed.

Be prepared. It can save you money.