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Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Caregiver scaled

Interesting that while last week we were talking about signs of a senior needing in home care we come across some new insight into caring for a senior parent as a caregiver. So the question is, do you think you will need to be a caregiver to your senior parent? Do you know what to look for? Is it assumed you will caregive? If not you, than who?

All great questions and now the time to think about them and answer them.

Are you prepared to be a caregiver to your senior parent?

Do you know what is involved?

Do you know what you need to be thinking about when you are caregiving to look after yourself?

So how do I know if I may have to be a caregiver to my senior parent?

There are many things to look for including those mentioned in our article above around a senior needing home care.

Typically the same type of things needs to be watched and if hygiene, eating habits, social habits, ability to remember key things etc. are on the decline than some need is likely required.

Is your senior parent behaving the norm? Are they contacting you more often than not? Do other family member, friends or neighbours have concerns? These are all things to be aware of and watching for.  If something just isn’t right, you may know that help is required.

Then the decision is, do you have provide this support or can you arrange for some in home care to address the needs. Maybe it is a combination of both.

See 10 signs from the original article that may help you understand if you may need to be preparing to caregive