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If you have any elderly friends or family members in your life, then you know how worrying it can be trying to make sure that their home is safe. Whether you have a grandparent that lives with you or you help contribute to their care by visiting them often, you want to make sure that the home environment is the safest it can be to prevent any injuries and give you all peace of mind. 

Eliminate Pests

One of the first things you can do to make sure the home is safe is to take measures to prevent pests like mice and insects. These can be nuisances, but also a safety and health hazard if not controlled. They can cause household damage or even illness if they are left unchecked for too long. Grandparents often don’t have the capability to handle this problem alone, so you may need to bring in outside help. For example, if you live in southern california, pest control through South Bay is an easy solution to make sure the home is secure and clean. 

Install Smart Devices

Smart controls and devices have become increasingly common and can be a wonderful convenience to older people who struggle with moving about and their dexterity. 

You can have smart plugs installed for all kinds of different things to control lights, the TV, volume controls, and even speaker and video surveillance at the door.

They are simple to install and allow your grandparents to be able to navigate basic functions in their home, like turning lights on and off, without having to physically get up to do so when that may be difficult for them. They can simply speak a command to get the desired action. This can be a great comfort to them, and also allow them to retain some of their self-sufficiency. 

Remove Clutter

Falling is one of the biggest concerns for our elderly relatives. You can help to minimize their risk of falls by removing all clutter, chords, and loose carpets from the home. 

Make sure that all furniture is easy to navigate around and doesn’t block walkways. Remove rugs that are in the way and that may be tripped over. Many falls occur when a cane or walker gets caught on the edge of a rug.

Cables and cords are other common nuisances. They should likewise be kept off of the floor. If a cable needs to be run from room to room, it should be taken up the wall and ceiling and not across the floor as this can be very hazardous to elderly people. 

Add Handles and Railings

The addition of a sturdy railing to hold onto when navigating the stairs can be a great help for your grandparents. Other handles and grab bars can be placed throughout the home to help with movement. Some common places are in the shower and next to the bed.

Non Slip decals or mats should be considered for any bathtub or shower to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Likewise, you may want to carpet areas that are tiled, as these can be slippery and hard to navigate for some people.

Keep in Touch

One of the most important things that you should do to keep your elderly relatives safe is to keep in contact on a regular basis.

Post all of the important phone numbers in an easy to see place. Include contact information for relatives and neighbors, doctors, fire department, and any other emergency numbers that may come in handy. 

Make an effort to stop in or call your grandparents frequently to see if they need anything and so you can keep apprised of any situation that may require additional help.

Take some simple measures now to make sure your grandparents are safe and happy in their homes. With a little time, you can make a world of difference to them, allowing both your grandparents and yourself to feel confident in their ability to remain independent at home.