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If you are nearing retirement, congratulations! You have almost reached a major milestone, a goal for which you have been striving most, if not all, of your adult life. This gives you the opportunity to celebrate and take advantage of what life has to offer.

However, retirement can be unsettling. Having achieved a lifelong goal, you may be asking yourself, “What comes next?” This can be one of the most rewarding times of your life if you approach it with purpose and planning. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your golden years.

1. Take It Slowly

You don’t necessarily need to retire all at once. Being an employee one day and a retiree the next can be a shock to your system. Give yourself time to adjust by taking things slowly. See if your employer will let you cut back your working hours prior to retirement. This allows you to use what free time you have now to figure out what you will do with more after you retire fully.

2. Look Your Best

You are more likely to feel good about yourself if you look good to yourself. Retirement may be an opportunity to take steps toward physical self-improvement. For example, you might try Hims finasteride for hair loss or try a Botox injection for wrinkles.

3. Get Plenty of Exercise

This relates to the point about looking your best, but regular exercise also offers additional benefits, such as an increase in energy, flexibility, stamina, and a reduced risk of disease. Physical exercise can also help you strengthen the mind-body connection, especially practices like yoga. You may have physical limitations that prevent you from doing some exercises, but you can find an alternative that you like. For example, running may be too hard on your joints, but you can get many of the same benefits from walking.

4. Purge Your Environment

Retirement is an opportunity to get back to the fundamentals. Maybe you have accumulated possessions during your working life that you no longer need. Now that you have the time, you can go through your possessions and get rid of those that you no longer need. You can give them away to family members, donate them, sell them, throw them away, or recycle them. Try it, and you’ll be amazed what a relief decluttering can be. You’ll likely be glad to embark on your new life unencumbered.

5. Set a Schedule

During your working life, you probably developed a routine that brought order to your days. Perhaps the familiarity brought you comfort. Just because you aren’t working anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t order your life by establishing a new routine. Instead of work, you can fill your schedule with hobbies, exercise, socializing, or volunteer work. Anything that keeps you busy and interests you is fair game.

6. Challenge Yourself

Maybe there’s a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time. It is not too late to pursue that interest. Indeed, retirement offers some great opportunities for self-enrichment. You may find that your community offers classes and learning opportunities specifically for retirees. If you have always wanted to learn to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument, now is the perfect time to do it. Your retirement will be much richer and fuller because of it.

7. Make New Friends

Retirement can be a lonely time if your social circle previously consisted mostly of people from work. It can be difficult to realize that you won’t be seeing those people on a regular basis anymore, but you can find new people to involve in your life. Churches and senior centers offer many opportunities to socialize with other people at the same point in life. Classes, exercise, and volunteer groups also give you the opportunity to connect with a new circle of friends.

You have earned the right to enjoy your retirement. Careful consideration and planning beforehand can help it become all that you dreamed it would be.