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If you’re in the market for a paid support service now or in the future for your aging parents, there are some key guidelines you might want to consider in your selection process.

Here are twelve key questions to ask the management of the potential service you are considering hiring for your aging parents:

1.     How do you identify and define what my love one really needs?

2.     How do you determine and recommend how much time is required?

3.     What’s the time on a daily and weekly basis; what’s the cumulative amount of time being recommended and what’s that going to cost me?

4.     What specifically will be done during the course of each visit?

5.     Who will come?

6.     Do I have the right to first meet and approve of the person or those who will be helping my aging parent?

7.     Can you guarantee that I get the same person or people all the time?

8.     When and how do you provide regular updates on what the care team finds is happening or not with my aging parents?

9.     How often do we have a formal review of how the relationship is going?

10. What process and procedures do you have in place to manage any sudden critical situations that might occur with my parent?

11. What past clients can I talk with to check on your work?

12. If my loved one or I aren’t pleased with the quality of service, what recourse do we have?

It can be difficult choosing in home care for aging parents, if you need help with some recommendations, contact Seniors Lifestyle Care at https://www.seniorslifestylecare.com


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Bart Mindszenthy APR, FCPRS, LM
In writing the original edition of Parenting Your Parents in 2002 and the subsequent revised second edition in 2005 and US edition in 2006, Bart Mindszenthy, APR, FCPRS, LM drew upon personal experience with his elderly father and mother, listening to hundreds of people deep into eldercare, plus his professional expertise in managing crises. Boomers can best help themselves and their parents by planning, understanding the challenges and being prepared, he says. The new, North American edition, Parenting Your Parents: Straight Talk about Aging in the Family is his ninth book. "Everyone who has aging parents should consider what issues and challenges lay ahead," says Bart. "Waiting until something happens isn't fair to anyone in the family. But the trouble is, in most families aging parents are in denial and their boomer kids are in avoidance," he says. Since the publication of Parenting Your Parents, Bart has addressed hundreds of groups and has appeared on dozens of radio and television interview and talk shows and national television specials. He is also a regular contributing writer to Hospital News (https://www.hospitalnews.com/columns/caregiver/). Bart also authored two books about family elder caregiving on his own in 2011: The Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner, a comprehensive self-directed complete guide to capture needed information and develop strategies for likely issues and difficult situations, and Aging Parents: 200+ Practical Support Tips from My Care Journey, a compilation of 40 columns that appeared in SOLUTIONS magazine tracking a range of specific caregiving issues and challenges with tips and tactics on how to deal with them; see www.famlyeldercareworkbook.com Bart holds a Bachelor of Philosophy degree with a concurrent major in journalism from Wayne State Univesity. He is Partner in The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corp., a Toronto-based firm with a subsidiary based in Michigan that since 1990 has specialized in issues and crisis communications management and strategic communications planning. Bart has received numerous awards for his work and is principle author of No Surprises: The Crisis Communications Management System (Bedford Press, 1988), which is considered a seminal work on the subject. He is also co-author of Leadership@Work: Be a Better Team Leader Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone, originally published in 2001and which was the fifth best selling business book of the year in Canada. Since, it's been totally re-written, re-deisgned and re-issued in 2011. It's now also available as an iPad, iPhone and iPod app. For more, see www.leadershipatworkbook.com.