SLM Shares Long term Care Preparation scaled

I still remember the day vividly when we realized as a family that Dad could not come home and had to go to long term care. It was truly a sickening feeling. A feeling of defeat and failure. As adult children, you likely remember all the times your parent(s) helped you out in life, but this is a time when you can’t return the favour. As a spouse, you likely feel the same when you think of your vows. Promises to love, honour, cherish in sickness and in health….but now you can’t do that on your own. Disappointing, heart-wrenching and pure agony.

The decision for a senior care home or long term care facility should be enlightening and therapeutic knowing that you are making the best decision to have your senior loved one cared for. Long term care, or senior nursing homes or whatever you want to call them should be places of peace and reduction of stress. We are only human, not superheros, and can’t do it all and there comes a time when we need to get support for our seniors. Right? So why is it so darn hard!

So why doesn’t it feel good? Why do we feel guilty? Why do we feel like we have let our loved one down? Because this isn’t how we thought it would be. It isn’t how we wanted it to be. This is totally changing how we viewed our life and the life of our senior loved one. It just isn’t fair. But we need to let go of what we thought it would be and what we hoped it would be and find ways to adjust to life involving a long term care facility. Easy to be said but harder to live.

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