winter driving

In Canada and other countries, as the weather grows cold and winter approaches, preparing your car is important. Winter driving is considerably different than driving during the warmer seasons. Between snow and blowing snow, blizzards and freezing rain, you need to drive safely and always be on the lookout for what the other drivers are doing.

What are the most important ways to get your car ready for winter?

  • Start by bringing your car in for a checkup. A good mechanic can go over your car and make sure it’s winter ready. At the same time they can make sure you have the proper amount of anti-freeze and change your oil. Batteries, cables and brakes also need to be checked for safety.
  • Your windshield wipers need to be able to handle snow, sleet and freezing rain. If the wipers are worn or have been on your car for more than a year, have them changed. The washer fluid should contain antifreeze.
  • Have your tires checked. In many areas snow tires are almost a necessity but if you aren’t using snow tires, make sure the tires on your car can handle slippery conditions and are in good shape.
  • Everyone should have a first aid kit in their vehicle. During the winter add a few extras such as blankets, flares, salt, a flashlight and any other emergency equipment you feel may come in handy. Jumper cables and a spare tire would be good items to add and always keep your gas tank full.
  • Have your block heater checked. December is not the time to find out that your heater is no longer working.

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Winter is not the time to take chances when you are driving. Snow and winter storms can hit quickly. If you aren’t prepared for them you’re taking unnecessary risks. To read more on preparing your car for winter driving, click here.


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