Most seniors love to travel. At a certain age, travelling alone is no longer an option. This is when you get to go on vacation with mom or dad or even a grandparent! Travelling with a senior takes a lot of planning. It also takes patience. It’s similar to travelling with your parents when you were a child only now you are in charge! Remember travelling can be very exhausting so allow extra time for everything.

What should you prepare for when travelling with a senior?

  • Check with their doctor. Make sure your loved one is healthy enough to travel. Ask about updated vaccinations for any countries you may be visiting. Get copies of prescriptions and bring just enough medication plus a little bit extra. If possible, have your prescriptions translated into the language of the country you are visiting. It will make your journey through customs much easier.
  • Discuss your destination far in advance. Travelling with a senior can be slow going. You will need accessibility for walkers or wheelchairs and easy walking. Find out if public transportation is readily available. Look for ground floor rooms or rooms near the elevator. Get confirmation of all of your reservations before leaving and look for non-stop flights. Don’t forget to request discounts! Ask for help at the airport. Priority boarding is usually available for seniors who require assistance.
  • Think comfort. Wherever your destination, try to keep in mind that your loved one will probably tire easily. Look for the most comfortable methods of travel and don’t plan too many things for one day. Sometimes a cruise is the perfect option for older adults. Everything is in one place and they can plan a day at a time. Prices are usually very good, the people are friendly and there are lots of activities.

Whatever your destination, don’t underestimate your senior relative. You may find out they are livelier than you expected! Enjoy your vacation and your time together. For more tips on travelling with seniors, click here.