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Tammy Rankin

Legacy Award

Tammy Rankin was the Senior Safety Advisor for the Municipality of Durham, a founding member of the Durham Elder Abuse Network (D.E.A.N.) and developed a partnership with the Durham Regional Police Senior Support Coordinator position. Tammy worked tirelessly to advocate for and support the senior population in our community. She was known for going above and beyond the scope of her position and putting “her seniors first”. The Durham Elder Abuse Network is committed to the advocacy and education within our community to keep seniors safe.

D.E.A.N. is proud to support the “Tammy Rankin Legacy Award” with an opportunity to showcase an inspiring individual or organization with a powerful story about going above and beyond to make a meaningful impact in the lives of seniors and their families.

Eligibility Criteria:

Must work or volunteer in the Durham Region • Be willing to provide a short bio be photographed with regards to award


• Submissions must not contain confidential information or restricted intellectual property that should not be circulated in the public domain• The information contained in the submission may be used by D.E.A.N. for promotional purposes. This may include social media and imagery contained in the application.

• Applicants are expected to grant D.E.A.N. consent to publish any material contained in the application

• Submissions must be submitted to no later than March 31, 2020


Tammy Rankin Legacy Award

Nomination form

Name of Nominee: __________________________________________

Nominee Organization: _______________________________________

Nominee’s email: ___________________________________________

Nominee’s daytime phone number: ____________________________

Name of Nominator: _________________________________________

Nominator Organization: _____________________________________

Nominator’s email: __________________________________________

Nominator’s day time phone number: __________________________

*Attach separate sheets for more space. 

  1.  Summary of nominee – please provide a short description of the nominee.

2. How did this individual or organization go above and beyond to support a seniors?

3. How did this care make a meaningful impact the lives of a senior(s) and their caregiver(s)?

X’ if you are including attachments such as letters of support (optional)

_____ Number of attachments