Senior Living

When people get older, daily life and ordinary activities become a challenge. They are less mobile and sure on their feet and their senses deteriorate. Therefore living spaces for the elderly have special requirements, whether it’s a retirement village, a co-living space, or a high-end retirement home.

Developers, architects, and realtors can make use of 3D interior rendering services to present their proposed senior living projects. 3D interior rendering services use 3D renderings to illustrate floor plans, interior spaces and placement of furniture.

With 3D interior renderings, it’s possible to clearly demonstrate to potential residents the stylish and comfortable nature of the space they will be living in.

Benefits of interior rendering for developers, architects, and realtors

1.      Excellent presentation tool

3D renderings can present every detail of interior space in photo-quality realism. Potential residents can clearly see whether the space provides the safe and comfortable living standards that they require. High-quality 3D interior visualization can also highlight special amenities like fine dining choices, a gym, the availability of a swimming pool and spa service, communal spaces for different purposes, and more. Photorealistic 3D renders are easy to understand, making the sales process easy and straightforward.

2.       Virtual tours

A 3D interior rendering company can create a virtual tour to show potential residents what the retirement village will look like. The companies employ 3D rendering professionals that leverage cutting-edge computer technology to create virtual tours that give potential residents a taste of what their new home will be like. Can you think of a better sales tool?

3.       Convenience

Many elderly people are not very mobile. With 3D interior renderings, they are able to experience the place they will be living in without having to visit it physically. Developers and retirement complex owners can leverage 3D renderings and virtual tours to market their projects via online platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. Prospective buyers can view various retirement options from the comfort of their homes wherever they are in the world.

4.      Market to anyone anywhere

The availability of online platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams means that developers can market their projects to international buyers no matter where they are in the world. High-end customers can be enticed with captivating and interactive 360 Virtual tours that capture the unique interior of your project in every minute detail.

The role of 3D interior design in senior living

Seniors need a warm and welcoming environment that is aesthetically pleasing and complies with the special needs of senior citizens.  Open floor plans, wide hallways and large public spaces that encourage movement are essential. Interior design plays an important role in ensuring the comfort of the elderly.

  •   Simple décor

In a space where many elderly people congregate, clutter and knickknacks are just an accident waiting to happen. In fact, in terms of décor for senior living less is more. Plants are better than ornaments. A 3D interior visualization studio can create stunning 3D renders that showcase a simple but stylish environment.

  •   Safety considerations

Senior living interior design should prioritize the safety of residents with safe access points, avoiding highly polished floors, wide corridors free of obstacles, built-in hand railings, wide doors and heavy-duty bariatric lifts for heavy residents. Because older people tend to not lift their feet properly, loose carpets should be avoided.

3D architectural interior rendering services can illustrate all these elements via 3D renderings. 3D rendering software has impressive object libraries that help designers to include any element required for safe senior living.

  •   Appropriate furniture

3D architectural interior rendering services can also use their extensive furniture libraries to include the proper furniture for senior living. The furniture should be easy to get into and out of, with high, sturdy seats. 3D interior rendering can present the right furniture in the best layout for safe movement.

  •   Colors

3D interior rendering is excellent for presenting the colors used for the interiors of senior living spaces. Older people see colors differently and react differently to colors. They feel soothed by soft colors and threatened and confused by bright colors.

The colors used in the interior spaces for older people can affect their mood. Here the work of a 3D interior visualization studio can be invaluable. It is easy for designers to choose colors best suited to seniors and use these in their 3D renders. When prospective buyers experience these interiors via virtual tours, they can report their response to the colors, which can help designers and architects to optimize their interior renderings for seniors.


Interior rendering is the ideal tool for taking a detailed architectural drawing to develop 3D renderings that illustrate a perfect environment for senior living.