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Airports are becoming larger. With the increased size comes increased confusion. Navigating an airport can be difficult for many, especially seniors. As your body ages, walking long distances and standing in line for hours can be hard on you. Some seniors with failing eyesight have problems reading the various signs throughout airports. For some, confusion can lead to missed flights.







Many airports and airlines provides wheelchairs and carts. If they don’t get to you on time, you once again are missing your flight. You may also end up taking additional connecting flights. Though a wheelchair can be booked ahead through your airline, you still have to depend on someone to deliver it to you. The same situation applies for seniors disembarking. If they need a wheelchair, quite often they are made to wait so long that the crew is ready to leave.

Some tips to making airline travel more comfortable are:

  • Bring a companion. The elderly can be accompanied to the gate or met at the gate by someone else. Phone your airline the day before and advise them that you will have someone with you to check your baggage and ensure that you are on your flight on time.
  • Take advantage of the wheelchairs. Even if you don’t usually use one, a wheelchair can make the difference between getting on your flight exhausted and getting on your flight excited about your trip. Some airlines provide electric carts and there is room for two!

Many airlines have moved into the digital age but have yet to keep up with providing their customers with what they need, particularly if they are elderly. By improving their services, they could also improve their revenues. All of us are looking for the easiest way to travel, particularly once we are in our senior years. For more information on senior travel and airlines, click here.