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Seniors are well known for helping others by volunteering. In some communities seniors will help their local police force with a variety of activities. It’s been found that having seniors interact with members of the community about law enforcement programs helps to improve communication for everyone.

Seniors are often the targets and victims of crime. Police services will advocate for seniors when their help is needed. Through the use of senior volunteers police are able to spread messages to the entire senior community quickly.

How do senior volunteers help their community police forces?

  • Senior volunteers visit retirement homes to present exhibits that will address the concerns of the seniors who live there. They also increase awareness of senior safety.
  • They bring the concerns of citizens in the area to the attention of their local police departments.
  • Seniors also are well known for heading Neighborhood Watch programs and helping to prevent increased crime in the areas they live.
  • Seniors have a fear of crime and tend to trust other seniors with safety concerns. By volunteering with police departments across the country, the police have a direct link to members of the senior community.
    • They are then able to help them with home security.
    • Provide information on identity theft.
    • Tell them how to stay safe on the internet including social media.
  • Communities have become aware of just how valuable the seniors in their area can be.  They help with safety issues and crisis intervention such as finding donations for emergency situations. If you are interested in becoming a senior volunteer with your local law enforcement agency, contact your local senior’s center or other municipal agency to find out what is available.

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