Active Minds
Active Minds

Staying active is vital for maintaining overall physical and mental wellbeing, and this is still true for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. There are many fantastic ways to stay active, and when going outside may not be possible, indoor activities can prove an effective way to maintain activity levels. Here we will cover five fantastic indoor activity exercises suitable for someone living with dementia.


Going for a walk is fantastic for improving cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure and helping to maintain mobility. Whilst getting outside helps to provide that extra dose of vitamin D, indoor walking can also be highly effective. Set up a safe, obstruction free route, and set aside a certain amount of time to walk the route each day. Whether it’s doing just 5 minutes at a time, or for those with a larger indoor space, perhaps try 10 or 15 minutes.


A fun way to engage in exercise, dancing helps to improve strength and muscle function, and can be excellent for someone living with Alzheimer’s. Choose music, which is reminiscent of a favoured era, and start dancing! Not only will the movement help to provide light exercise, the music will aid in sparking memories, encouraging conversations and boosting mood.


There are a wide variety of Alzheimer’s games which involve light exercise, and combining mentally stimulating activities with movement can be highly engaging and fun. Activities such as bingo, where the winner stands and calls can be great for encouraging light movements, as well as a game of indoor golf, where hand eye coordination along with gentle movements also encourage exercise.


Yoga is brilliant for building strength, improving balance, increasing flexibility whilst also helping to reduce stress. The benefits for both physical and mental health, have led to a huge increase in popularity of the exercise for people of all ages.

Whilst some yoga moves may be ambitious for those with limited mobility, there are still light stretching positions which can be brilliant for engaging core muscles. Breathing exercises are also excellent for managing stress and reducing agitation. Make sure to have a designated space with plenty of room, and only attempt positions that are achievable.

Seated Exercises

Exercises from a seated position are popular for those also living with mobility limitations; there are a whole host of different exercises which can help maintain activity levels, from arm stretches, to bicep curls and leg extensions. These can be conducted both individually and within a group setting.

There are a variety of different ways to engage in exercise indoors, whether you have a small or large environment, staying inside doesn’t have to limit health and wellbeing. Exercise is a great way to boost mental health, therefore if going outdoors is not an option right now, then taking part in other activities which can boost mood is highly recommended. Explore a variety of exercises and activities to see which is the most appropriate and engaging, whilst achieving the recommended amount of exercise.