Why Older Adults Should Own a Maltipoo 1

Image Credit: Well Pet Coach

Several dog breeds are deemed ideal and perfect for seniors and adults. While they can all offer benefits to their owners, especially those who need companions for everyday living, each of these breeds has their respective strengths and advantages. Among the top pet companions hailed today, Maltipoos are one of the most popular. Thanks to their unique characteristics and qualities, they are even among the best dog breeds to own for seniors and adults.

So, if you are looking for the ideal dog breed or pet to own in your adult years or for others during their senior years, you may want to check why Maltipoo might be the one.

Overview of Maltipoo

It is worth noting that a Maltipoo is not technically a breed of a dog. As it happens, it is a cross of a Maltese and Poodle, hence, the name. This is why its features and appearance would appear the same as these two dog breeds.

Maltipoos are well-known for their loving and fun nature. This is also the reason why they can fit into all sorts and kinds of homes. Whether there are kids or seniors around, these adorable puppies will do just fine for everyone.

Also, these furry pets can adapt to any home. As long as they always stay indoors, and they are near to their “humans,” Maltipoos will be an ideal therapy and companion pet for all ages.

Characteristics of Maltipoo

  • Adaptability

As mentioned, Maltipoos can adjust perfectly anywhere. Whether you live in an apartment or a huge home, these dogs will be fine. In fact, even if they will live inside retirement communities that allow dogs, they can adjust to their surroundings and environment easily.

However, they cannot tolerate being alone and intense cold weather days. So, these things should be regarded.

  • Care and Grooming

Although Maltipoo dogs may be demanding when it comes to grooming, their coat produces much less shedding than most other breeds. Maltipoos are also hypoallergenic and are more suitable for people who have pet allergies.

In terms of their overall health, the potential for gaining massive weight is very little. The same is also true for its size. Maltipoos are small dogs that can live in an apartment.

  • Exercise

This breed is very playful, especially during their early pup years. It needs a little exercise, but this requirement can always be met as their playful moments can already be considered as an exercise.

Accordingly, Maltipoos are, in short, fairly energetic. They just want to always play with everyone they see in their surroundings.

  • Friendly

Given that they are very warm and playful; Maltipoos are not ideal dogs for safety and security because they are very friendly. Whether there are kids or seniors around, they will want to always play with everyone, including strangers and other dogs.

Why Maltipoos Are Great For Adults and Seniors

While the characteristics given about Maltipoos are already enough points as to why they are great pet companions for adults and seniors, here are further thoughts on the matter:

  • Sweet and Loving Companion Animal

Maltipoos are a very sweet, loving, and caring companion animal. Since they always look after their companion adults, and they always want to be close to them, they will always try to be clingy and playful. And these things make them much more appropriate as a companion pet.

  • Engaging and Charming Personalities

Due to their attractive and playful features, people will always certainly want to engage with them. Not to mention, their personalities alone will already be enough points as to why they are very easy to get along with.

Aside from their charming personalities, they are very warm and loyal too.

  • Has A Great Affection

As mentioned, Maltipoos have tendencies to be very clingy to their companions. They share great affection to humans, especially to their owners. It is quite logical, though, as they always want to spend time with everyone in their surroundings. As a result, they always develop intense affection for others.

  • Easy To Train

Maltipoos are very easy to train. They are intelligent and smart dogs. They would know when and where to bark or howl appropriately.

However, it is worth noting that they have the potential and tendency to always roam and wander around since they are also always curious about their environment.

  • Very Active and Energetic

Another reason why they are ideal for adults and seniors is that they are very active and energetic. This will benefit the owners to expand their activities and mobility from time to time.

Interesting Facts About Maltipoo

Maltipoos love to cuddle. They always want to be held and touched by the people around them.

Keep in mind that a Maltipoo is not a direct breed of a dog. In a more technical sense, they are considered as Designer Breeds and not Mixed Breeds since they come from two known breeds: Maltese and Poodle.

The media height of these dogs is rated at 8 to 14 inches. As for the weight, the average rating is around 5 to 20 pounds. In terms of their lifespan, the range is between 10 to 13 years.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are the points as to why Maltipoos are great and ideal therapy and companion dogs for seniors and adults. You may want to consider having them if you are looking for one.