Children are just little balls of energy in human form. That’s why playing sports with them is such a good activity — it directs that energy into something that’s fun for everyone. As you get older, it’s harder for your body to keep up when playing certain games, though. That doesn’t mean you have to give up sports with your grandkids entirely. Instead, pivot to any one of these five. They’re exciting and fun for kids while also being safe and low impact for you!


Pickleball is a fun and up-and-coming sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Played on a court similar in size to badminton with a ball that feels like a whiffle ball, Pickleball is exploding in popularity because it’s easy to learn and a great source of exercise. It involves plenty of movement, regardless of whether you’re playing singles or doubles. The underarm swing is a more natural maneuver than overarm tennis serves, and Pickleball equipment is lighter and easier to use.

Plus, it’s an inherently competitive game. That’s enough to keep any kid invested in playing regularly with you and makes it a win-win sport for everyone involved. Being with your grandkids is healthy and enjoyable; Pickleball is a fun sport to play with them without being too intense that you hurt yourself. 

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Swimming is one of the best sports for active seniors. It involves plenty of movement and exercise but is easier on your joints, and both of those are due to something intrinsic to the activity: the water! But that doesn’t make it an adults-only activity. It’s versatile enough that it’s easy to find something to enjoy with your grandkids, whether it’s practicing different styles, racing, or just splashing around.

The best part is that the buoyancy of the water helps you continue to play without pain for longer, so you can keep up with your grandkids’ energy. Some people swear by routines or supplements like Bali kratom powder for managing pain, but with swimming, you don’t have to deal with it in the first place.


Golf is not typically associated with young people since it can be a slow sport. But not only will it be meaningful for your grandkids when they play it with you, but it’s still an activity with points and scorekeeping, so they get to keep being competitive while playing a sport that’s not too fast-paced for you. 

A significant amount of the movement in golf comes from walking, which is already one of the best intergenerational activities, but over uneven terrain like hills and sandtraps. It’s a great sport for the brain since it involves so much hand-eye coordination and decision-making. Plus, Phil Mickelson recently became the oldest major champion ever at age 50! Golf as a sport isn’t just for the young and athletic in peak condition. It’s genuinely for anyone.

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Speaking of games for all ages, who doesn’t love bowling? People of all ages have flocked to bowling alleys for decades to have fun, and while it’s not an Olympic sport (yet) it has been played in the Special Olympics. It’s exciting and competitive but doesn’t place too much strain on the body. While the ball itself can be heavy, it’s only used intermittently. That means the rest of your time is spent bonding with your grandkids!

Not only is it fun, but it also requires the least personal equipment. While some people like to have their own bowling shoes or balls, it’s also easy to just rent them. That means everything you need can be carried in backpacks, handbags, or convertible bags without making the trip to and from the alley an additional strain for you.


Some may raise their eyebrows at billiards being called a sport, but it has been considered for Olympic inclusion, and it’s a great activity to do with your grandkids! It’s low impact, depending less on physical strength and stamina, more on dexterity, precision, and coordination. But it’s still exciting and can be high-stakes. And it’s easy to get a pool table in your home, so you can play whenever you want.

Plus, billiards is easily one of the coolest sports you can play together. There’s nothing quite like sinking the eight-ball into the pocket, especially when it’s a move your grandkids will have seen themselves in movies. They’ll love getting introduced to the game by you, and it’s an easy one for you to keep up with them.

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There is so much to love about sports and competition. Playing them with your grandkids is one of the best ways to pass on that spirit of adventure because it makes them personal and meaningful. But more importantly, finding ways to play sports with your grandkids is important because there’s no better way to increase your bonding with them, and focus on having fun!