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As you get older, it becomes even more important to look after your health. Sure, looking after yourself when you are young is the best way to guarantee you are healthy going into retirement but when you are older, you are much more at risk of developing serious issues. Not only do you need to work on your fitness levels but you also need to maintain a good diet, keep your circulation going and protect your body.

For many, foot problems can result in more serious problems like mobility issues. This is something that you’ll want to deal with quickly as your mobility tends to deteriorate anyway as you get older. Below, we are going to look at some of the signs that you might need to visit a podiatrist. Read on to find out more. 

Heel Pain

If you are experiencing extreme pain in your heels, this could be a sign that you need to visit a podiatrist sooner rather than later. No one enjoys walking on inflamed heels and if there is a more serious issue at hand, it is best to get it checked out. Often, a growth plate fracture can go undiagnosed for a time and can result in an inability to stand properly on the foot. For this reason, a podiatrist should be the first call you make. If you think that your shoes are the issue, change them before making an appointment. Over time, you’ll realise that it could be a more serious issue that you are facing. 

Tired Feet

As you get older, you will typically find that it gets harder to stand on your feet and legs for too long. This is something that many of us come to expect but this doesn’t mean that it is something that we have to deal with.  Tired feet don’t always stem from a medical issue and often, it is due to poorly fitting footwear or footwear with a lack of support. However, many people of the older generation pass off tired feet and don’t realise just how serious the issue can be. If your foot has a high or low arch, this could also be causing your tired feet and legs. Make sure to book an appointment with a local podiatrist in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Nail Issues

If you are having any kind of issues with your toenails, you could find that it is a more serious issue. Ingrown toenails affect a lot of people and can be very painful if they are not dealt with as soon as possible. There are some podiatrists who specialise in treating these kinds of issues, for example, who can help treat ingrown nails if it’s become significantly uncomfortable. Usually, it is best if you visit a specialist so that they can manage the issue and help you get back to good health soon enough. This is something that you should also consider if you are having any issues with the skin on your feet.

Diabetes-Related Problems

Some people experience diabetes throughout their entire life but for many older people, it is common to develop type 2 diabetes over time. Unfortunately, diabetes can affect the feet and this can result in more serious issues further down the line. If you are having any issues with your feet and have diabetes, you could find that a podiatrist could help. Typically, a podiatrist will monitor your feet annually and make any changes that are needed to your management plan.  


If you think that you have any kind of body deformities in your feet then you must make sure that you book an appointment with your local podiatrist as soon as possible. Some common body deformities include hammertoes and bunions and these can be serious issues. Not only do they look unattractive but they can be painful if they are not managed accordingly. Podiatrists will typically offer appropriate footwear and supportive devices in order to reduce the severity of the issue. If things are too far gone, surgery might need to be undertaken in order to manage it more effectively. 

Final Verdict

There really is no reason why you should be avoiding visiting the podiatrist when they can help you feel much better. If there is any cause for concern with your feet, it is best to get it checked out as soon as possible. You could find that you need to have surgery in order to remove a bunion or you might even find that you have undiagnosed diabetes. Podiatrists are experienced and can usually find the issue quickly. 

Make sure to look out for all of the signs that we have discussed in order to live a happy and healthy life.