4 Common Household Problems That Can Be Deadly for Seniors scaled
4 Common Household Problems That Can Be Deadly for Seniors scaled

Household problems are something that every homeowner deals with from time to time. While you’re in your younger years, you may not consider them a real big deal. They become more like a problem that you’ll get around to fixing sometime. However, when you’re elderly, some household problems could become too dangerous and should be remedied right away.

Damaged Cords

There are many electronics that people utilize in their homes. In fact, if you really take a look, many homes have a tangled mess of cords somewhere in the living areas. This is just something that we tend to live with on a daily basis. However, when cords get frayed or damaged due to regular household use, they can become dangerous. These exposed wires run the risk of causing an electrical shock to anyone that touches them. Those in their elderly years are more prone to death from electrical shock than those in their younger years.


We’ve all been warned that different variations of mold can cause respiratory problems. However, mold remediation can be expensive. This can make people, especially those on a fixed income, put off getting the mold taken care of. Over time, this mold can spread its spores throughout the ventilation system of a home and can be breathed in by a senior. This can lead to a plethora of respiratory health problems that can ultimately end up in death. To protect yourself or an elderly loved one, look into mold remediation services as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

Faulty Fire Alarms

Most homes these days have to come with a fire detection system to alert the homeowner when there is an issue. However, many times these devices run off of batteries that commonly die. When they die, it can be easy to keep putting off replacing the batteries. When a fire does break out, it may be too late once the senior discovers it. They may not have enough time to get out of their home before the fire and smoke encompasses where they are in the home.

Improper Lighting

You may not typically think about the lighting in your home as a big problem. However, it can be a problem when the lights aren’t turning on properly or aren’t lighting up your home as they should be. When you don’t have lights that work adequately, it increases your risk of falling inside of your home. Falling when you’re in your senior years can result in a lot of physical damage and even death.

When it comes to household problems, senior citizens have them just like the rest of the population. However, seniors are more susceptible to health and safety issues created by these household problems. It’s best to have issues like the ones above remedied as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of the elderly homeowner.