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Yes, we have already published a couple of articles on this. Why the duplication? Because it is concerning that we are struggling to influence responses on such a controversial topic. Life in jail or prison verses life in a nursing home or long term care facility. Senior care should be a priority.

So we are sharing our thoughts on what is not happening with senior care…

We have talked about planning for long term care needs and costs. Senior care is expensive and sometimes not available. Why is senior care such an issue? These issues need to change for our parents and us, don’t they?

We have also shared a controversial yet humorous comparison on long term care verses prison care. Why aren’t we investing in senior care? What has to be done? What else can we say?

We have also shared a great article about living on a cruise ship verses a home…..hmmm so what is that telling us?

We appreciate that some seniors have spent time in jail but we also know that many have not and have been strong contributors to our society for decades. Yet when they need help the most (regardless of why) we aren’t stepping up as a society. This causes stress to not only seniors but their adult children and families. Something must be done.