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Many aren’t sure what a financial advisor does or are afraid to ask. That is apparent when you look at the statistics of North Americans who are not taking advantage of a financial advisor and their services. Gone are the days of putting things under the mattress, in shoe boxes and so on. Or they should be. If you take the time to find the right financial advisor for you, the possibilities for growth are endless. You can improve your financial health.

So what 3 things does a financial advisor do to improve financial health?

  1. A financial advisor will take a look at your current financial situation and give you some ideas on how to make more money….good!
  2. They also help you to get realistic financial goals….good!
  3. They will develop a plan to help you reach your financial goals….great!

Finances can be a very sensitive subject especially if we have never ventured into new areas of exploring options. But with a good financial advisor, they truly can help you learn, plan and achieve.

Remember senior health has to consider financial health. Financial wellness helps to keep seniors’ stress levels down and allows them to enjoy life, not worry about it. So seniors and their families must consider the benefits of financial planning, it is never too late.

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