Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Downloading 101

We keep getting asked for more technology articles so here we go! Senior smartphones. What do you need to know?

Ever get frustrated trying to download apps to your cellphone? Ever get frustrated trying to explain to your parent or senior how to download an app to their phone? Ever hear ‘my phone just doesn’t work properly!”

Most of us have. And it’s okay. Our patience sometimes seems limited. When it does, I encourage you to read my article and find the patience!

Downloading apps does not need to be exhausting OR a stress on your family unit. It should be fun, amusing and entertaining! So let’s be of a positive mindset and know that we can figure out how to download to our phones with or without our family members helping. Let’s do it ourselves!

Downloading key apps, can help make things better. Senior health, senior wellness, senior well-being. Remember our article

That says it all!

And if our articles aren’t helping. Please let us know so we can reach out to you to help!

While this article speaks specifically to step by step instructions on downloading apps to an android, you can google how to on other phones.

How to Download Apps onto an Android Smartphone in 10 Easy Steps

For more info on what is an Android phone, check out this link