Mentally Well

The cells which make up your brain can degenerate over time if you don’t use them. Worse, the loneliness and isolation elderly people experience can make their mental health decline. If you do not take care of your own mental health, you increase the risks of suffering degenerative brain diseases. Practicing self-care into old age is essential to nurture your own wellbeing and prevent you from suffering through boredom.

Why your brain degenerates in old age?

Your brain shrinks as you get older. The level of neurons your body produces slows as you age, therefore you create fewer new cells. This leads to cortical thinning and shrinkage. The fat around the neurons which already exist in your brain also starts to shrink, leaving less material to protect the axons. 

Brain degeneration in old age can lead to some heart wrenching conditions, many of whom readers already know. Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and similar conditions. 

Tips on how to keep mentally well as an elderly person.

Not staying active or taking care of ourselves affects our mental wellness in old age. Other factors, like isolation and lack of entertainment, can see elderly people take a downwards turn. Here are tips on keeping mentally well into your old age.

Fitness first.

Staying active is your priority. Even a long walk per day is enough to keep your body in prime condition. If you feel anything is wrong – if you have small pains or annoying joint sounds – have your doctor check you over. Staying on top of your physical wellness keeps you mentally healthy.

Seek out therapy.

Experts in Edmonton therapy can advise clients towards better mental health. When you get older, discussing and resolving all the things that may have held you back in life is a great way to settle any demons from the past. 

Hobbies, interests, and events.

If you are still mobile, get out and about as often as you can. Join local community groups, spend your days on the hobbies you loved most in life, or start going to gigs of your favorite bands. You are retired. You are finally free to do all the things you have put off in life. Indulge yourself.

Residential care is better than you think.

Although Personalized in-home care could help you stay within your own home for longer, while tackling the feeling of isolation which old age can bring, it might not be enough. If two or three hours of company a day is not enough for you, a residential care home is a good solution. Think of it like living in a hall of residence, except you’re not studying. You are free to spend your days as you please, safe in the knowledge that medically trained staff are on hand if you need them. 

Stay Well for Longer

To improve your cognitive health into old age, a balanced but varied diet helps. Getting therapy, staying active, lowering stress and blood pressure, and engaging with both social and intellectual pastimes can help too.