Heart Healthy scaled

February is Heart month in North America. Look forward to some door to door activity with volunteers sharing knowledge about being heart healthy from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Sharing information and stories is key to helping everyone understand and help make a difference.

Many of us know someone who has or had heart disease. The fact is more families than not have someone who experience heart issues at some point in their life. Many families have multiple family members with heart disease.

Many factors including genetics play a large role in heart health. So it is very important especially as we age, to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart disease.

But it is hard isn’t it? Or easier said then done. Well, while some of the suggestions to be heart healthier can be more difficult, there are some that can be quite easy to do if you really want to give it a try.

Walking is so good for us. It helps to reverse some of the impacts from sitting too long. It can also help reduce blood pressure and just 15 minutes of daily walking can help reduce your risk. Getting out and about just makes us feel good.

Reduce stress. Dance, laugh, sing, smile AND think positivity. It is amazing how these simple, easy things can actually improve our well-being.

Drink more and less. You know the drill…more water and less alcohol. Compromise, increase your water daily and reduce your daily alcohol. Not only is it heart healthy, improving your hydration has many benefits as we age. Win-win.