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Do you have a smartphone or have you figured out that having a flip phone is the way to go? If you do have a smartphone, do you really use all of the functions or do you find you usually use it for calls or texts? Those of us who have stayed with the flip phone or better yet, have gone back to the flip phone are sighing with relief.

Why pick a flip phone over a smartphone?







A flip phone is a more simple way of doing something that the smartphone has made more difficult. It’s also cool for a lot of other reasons including:

  • Price. Not only is it cheaper to buy a flip phone but pay as you go or paying monthly, they are cheaper to use. Depending on your carrier, you can save a lot of dollars by using a flip phone instead of a smartphone.
  • Yes, you can text. The flip phones that you purchase now do have texting. No, there isn’t a keyboard but it doesn’t take long to pick up the two thumb method of texting!
  • Yes, you can save contacts. Many people aren’t aware that the flip phone makes it very easy to add contacts on your own or when someone calls your number.
  • No data? Most flip phones can have a data package added if you need it so you aren’t giving up your internet access by purchasing it.
  • Looks. More than anything, flip phones come in great colors and they are small! Small enough to put in your pocket or your purse. You no longer have to use a phone that looks more like a tablet!

Flip phones have been around awhile and during those years, they have improved. They come with a camera, built in speakers and a full menu of options. To read more on what’s cool about flip phones, click here.