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Senior scams continue to be an ongoing problem nationwide. It is suggested that in the US alone, 36-40 billion dollars a year is lost to senior scams. Money that seniors have worked hard for and saved, just vanishes from one phone call or interaction. Scary!

Senior scams are a global issue

This is in the US alone, and we know this is a worldwide issue. Imagine what the world could do with billions of dollars saved every year. Research, environmental. Saving lives.

If we could save even half of these national amounts, there would be money for important things seniors need. Housing, entertainment, food and medical care, to name a few.

Scams or frauds happen for many reasons and seniors are the easiest targets. They tend to be trusting. They may be lonely and appreciate the interaction. Or perhaps they are just trying to make more money for themselves and their loved ones. Maybe they aren’t feeling like they used to and want that magic potion to give them something back they have lost with age. Regardless of the reason, we need to do something.

It is our job as a society to stand up to these scammers and protect seniors.

The good news is most police departments have dedicated officers that assist in senior fraud complaints. There is also the Better Business Bureau. See what the FBI suggests: