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We all need a break from our regular routine from time to time. That includes seniors and caregivers! With summer here many of us are talking about vacation plans. Senior travel is a very important aspect for senior’s overall wellness.

Seniors often feel that they aren’t able to travel as much due to physical constraints, health issues or just plain being nervous to leave home for too long.

Why is Senior Travel so Important?

As caregivers, day trips to museums, art galleries, craft shows and even senior shows can be a great way to get seniors out and offer at least a day long break from routine and home.

Pack a picnic lunch and take a drive or stroll to a nearby beach or park. Take the grandkids and let the seniors enjoy watching them run around! No grandkids? That’s okay the parks and beaches are packed with children running around this time of year. Seniors typically enjoy watching youngsters play.

A small senior travel trip even just getting away for a day, can help seniors feel active, involved and less lonely or bored. So try to find some local events that may be of interest and get them outside.

Travel shows themselves can be very inspiring and allow for some nostalgia remembering previous vacations. In fact, many travel shows offer suggestions for senior travel, too.

If you are feeling adventurous, seek a travel agent that has options around senior travel. Many places offer 1st floor hotel rooms or bungalow type set ups to accommodate handicapped or senior guests.

Many places offer accessible friendly rooms as well to address many physical needs.

There are cruise lines and resorts that have themes geared specifically for seniors so do some research. Have some fun checking out what is available.

Don’t forget to ask for any seniors discounts as well.

Flying is a great way to travel and most airlines offer accessibility help to seniors and others. Pre-boarding included!

Not too keen to fly, try the train or the car. There are many wonderful marvels in all countries available by land travel and just checking out the scenery along the way can provide a therapeutic journey. Give it a try!

Worried about travel insurance? Many places now offer insurance for seniors even with pre-existing health conditions as long as there have been no dramatic changes in health or prescription for a certain # of months. Worse case scenario, you pay an extra premium to get coverage and have that dream vacation.

A family vacation is always nice to consider as it allows for others to help caregive if necessary and allow the senior to really feel a part of the family. There is always the option of renting a cottage nearby for a family retreat, too.

Seniors are welcome to travel alone as well and join in on group excursions offered by many travel agencies to go to places worldwide.

Either way, it is worth exploring the many options out there for senior travel far and wide!