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oziel gomez L8 0SAy aoQ unsplash

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Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy contributes towards a healthy relationship in different ways. First off, it grows trust by triggering oxytocin. As such, you do not have to worry about third-party interference, making you more vulnerable with your significant other. Physical benefits like soothing headaches, enhancing heart health, and boosting immune and cognitive functions are other examples of how healthy relationships affect a person.

Even if the romance is dying, you can still rekindle sexual chemistry for a healthy relationship. Start by scheduling sex to increase its frequency. You can also be vocal about your needs and explore new locations and positions.

But it does not stop at lovemaking. Anything that creates a healthy relationship by increasing closeness counts as physical intimacy. That includes holding hands, hugs, snuggles, and lingering kisses. However, you need to understand what your spouse enjoys to avoid ruining the moment. Inappropriate touching could cause discomfort to your partner and make them retreat.

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From avoiding misunderstandings and expressing affection to getting acquainted and building trust, communication is crucial for a healthy relationship. The first component of effective communication is honesty. Do not shy away from expressing your thoughts and feelings. Avoiding conflict may feel safe, but your partner questions your trustworthiness. While leaving arguments calms you down briefly, you do not solve the matter at hand, affecting intimacy and contentment.

Another way to achieve a healthy relationship through communication is by observing nonverbal cues. Even if they claim to be fine, listen to your lover’s tone for signs of anger. This goes together with body language. Trembling, infrequent blinking, and tapping fingers indicate distress.

For a healthy relationship, ask about your partner’s feelings if you cannot tell what is troubling them. Likewise, do not assume your spouse understands your needs before you communicate. The fact that they asked about your feelings instead of ignoring them shows your partner’s concern and effort towards a healthy relationship.

Spend Time Together

Even if you found love on the best dating sites review, you need to meet your partner in person for a healthy relationship. Face-to-face encounters have numerous benefits. For instance, they demonstrate your partner’s importance. Rather than calling your partner or sending them an email, in-person meetings show you took time to understand your crush’s interests and plan a date. Spending time together is also an opportunity to address sensitive topics that threaten a healthy relationship, like finances.

That way, you listen to your lover’s response while observing their facial expressions and body language. Another way to attain a healthy relationship is by meeting regularly. While at it, switch off electronics to minimize distractions.

But the rules are different for empaths who want a healthy relationship. If you wonder if empaths can have healthy relationships because of their sensitive nature, give your partner time alone to recharge instead of insisting on frequent dates.

Expect Highs and Lows

Understand every love story has ups and downs before determining what healthy relationship expectations are. Problems like job loss and ailing family members could hinder a healthy relationship. Since people handle stress differently, even slight misunderstandings can result in frustration.

You can foster a healthy relationship by finding alternative coping strategies instead of taking out your resentment on your significant other. For example, you could exercise, meditate, dance, or listen to music.

Again, do not try to solve your partner’s problems unless they ask. Sometimes all your spouse needs for a healthy relationship is a listening ear. You could also reach out to friends, relatives, religious figures, or therapists if you cannot solve the issue with your lover.


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Everyone Deserves a Healthy Reltionship

Achieving a healthy relationship may be challenging, but it is worth the effort. Healthy relationships can positively impact health. For starters, a healthy relation improves your mental wellbeing. Studies reveal that singles respond more to stress than those in marriages and committed relationships. Another advantage is promoting healthy lifestyles, seeing you adopt your partner’s workout, reading, and clean eating habits. You also get practical help when it comes to financial advice, moving furniture, and fixing faucets. Why are healthy relationships important to you? Please share with us in the comments section below.