Oral Health
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No matter your age, taking care of your oral health is of the essence. However, as we get older, our teeth also experience the effects of aging. As 1 in 25 people over the age of 15 in Australia have no natural teeth left, it’s imperative to start thinking about your dental health on time but even seniors need a dental routine that will help them prevent health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and respiratory infections. Here are some tips that will keep your pearly whites healthy.

1. Brush twice a day

For starters, you’ve surely been hearing about the importance of brushing your teeth regularly all your life. If you still have all your natural teeth, you certainly see all the perks that this habit brought along. However, even if you have veneers or some other type of dentures, taking care of them is of the essence. So, find a soft brush that will help you get rid of all the food that might have gotten stuck and use a toothbrush that contains fluoride, which is beneficial regardless of age.

2. Floss on a regular basis

In addition to brushing twice a day, you also want to use floss regularly. Unfortunately, there are some food particles that toothbrushes can’t reach but there is dental floss that will come to your rescue. In case you have bridges or some other hardware, consult with your dentist to see how to approach flossing for the best results.

3. Use mouthwash

Another thing you want to implement into your routine is using mouthwash. An antiseptic or antibacterial one is a great supplement to brushing and flossing, so remember to use it once or twice a day. Just gargle and spit it out.

4. Look into available dentures and braces

You also need to understand that it’s never too late to act when it comes to dental care. For example, if your natural teeth have started feeling more fragile, you can look into dentures that will make your life a bit easier. On the other hand, even if you’re dealing with issues like overbite and teeth gaps, you can rely on trustworthy Strathfield dental services if you live in Sydney. For example, the Invisalign clear aligners are basically unnoticeable and you don’t have to worry about wires in your teeth that are difficult to clean.

5. Lower your intake of sugar and tobacco

To protect your teeth in the long run, it’s also important to lower your intake of sugar as both foods and drinks that contain too much of it can lead to cavities and tooth decay as well as gum disease. When you do treat yourself, remember to brush as soon as possible. Moreover, you should also stop smoking and chewing tobacco, as it can result in mouth and throat cancer and other life-threatening issues.

6. Drink plenty of water

Dry mouth can lead to erosion of enamel, which is why you want to remember to stay hydrated. This is especially important if you take certain medications that cause dry mouth. How much water you need depends on your weight and energy output, but aim for about two liters a day.

7. Take calcium supplements

Many seniors don’t get enough calcium, which plays an important role in the strength of our bones, including our teeth. So, in addition to adding more calcium-rich foods like dairy products, leafy greens, and seafood to your diet, you can also look into calcium supplements.

8. Don’t forget to visit your dentists

Finally, don’t forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a checkup. Although three in ten people in Australia put off or completely skip going to the dentist due to the cost, you don’t want to save money on your dental health as it can impact your overall wellbeing. Of course, you should also go whenever you feel any pain or have any other issues.

No matter if you still have your natural teeth or dentures, it’s important to take care of your oral health in order to prevent various life-threatening conditions. Keep these tips in mind.