Allergy Season scaled

It’s that time of year! Spring has sprung and so have allergies for some of us. There is still time to get ready for allergy season to help reduce the symptoms. Preparation for allergy season can make a difference for yourself and loved ones.

While you can get allergies at any age, seniors are particularly apt to develop them or continue to have them if they have any chronic ailments.

Seniors with allergies tend to really feel the impact of symptoms and this can impact their quality of living.

Here are 3 ideas on how to get ready and hopefully not feel so bad with allergies:
  1. Make sure you talk with family doctor and care professionals. They need to know what symptoms are being experienced and help to treat them properly.
  2. While there are many over the counter medications, it is critical that you take caution when choosing them. Talk to your pharmacist about the side effects, interaction with other medications being taken etc.
  3. Improve air quality. Where possible consider what can be done to improve the air quality around the allergy sufferer.

Allergies can be very harmful to seniors and create more work for caregivers. It is essential that they are diagnosed properly and treated accordingly. This can help improve the quality of senior living.

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