The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective is proud to introduce our video which celebrates 14 inspirational women kiteboarders who range in age from 65 to 76.   You can find it at Vimeo







Contrary to the usual stereotypes of older women, these women are skilled, experienced and accomplished kiters. They ride hard and fast, do jumps and try tricks. Filled with energy, laughter and joy, they demonstrate a spirited and gritty love of life and kiteboarding.

What Is the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective?

The Collective is a non-profit, global movement of women kiters, who aim to empower women through kiteboarding so that they can advocate for improvements in their lives and the lives of others. This video resulted from an enthusiastic discussion about older women kiteboarding on our 3,000 strong women-only Facebook forum. 

For more information:

Elea Faucheron

Co-chair, Women’s Kiteboarding Collective

[email protected]

Laurel Eastman

Co-chair, Women’s Kiteboarding Collective

[email protected]

Join our women-only forum via:

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