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Many years ago a friend spoke these words, “THE PRIORITY IS.”  These three words have constantly helped me in so many ways. Priorities can change monthly, daily or even hourly. But stopping to ask yourself what the priority is at that particular moment can take some pressure off to try and be “SUPER WOMAN” or “SUPERMAN.”

Many people have never really stopped to think about their own personal priorities. It could be health, relationships, saving for retirement, a special holiday, helping an aging parent, paying off a mortgage…

Write down several things that are important to you. Now go back and number the top three – one, two and three.  All day long we are faced with decisions and when we have settled some of our priorities it actually helps with the choices we make.

Senior Moves has worked with about 4000 seniors as Move Managers.

At times we hear a 94 year old say that they can do all their packing and they only need a mover. Because we take time to listen we realize that they have had a fall, a stroke, haven’t been sleeping…

Our response is , “Yes you can do it, but is it wise? You mentioned you had three falls last month. You do need to move so THE PRIORITY IS to get you moved and keep as much of your health as you can so you can enjoy this new part of your life.”

When we are in the middle of packing for a move and a senior is looking at a lot of well-used kitchen items that they want to sell we often say, “Today THE PRIORITY IS to get you moved.” Yes, we do have to address the question but we focus on the priority of the moment.

We were working with a young, retired professional couple who needed a residence with no stairs because of medical conditions. As we looked at the kitchen, I asked if they would continue entertaining 25 to 30 people at a time. “Only a few times a year.”

Would they be preparing the food or having the meal catered? Their response was “Catered.” They realized that the caterers would be bringing all the needed plates etc. They knew a priority was to entertain yet they also knew they couldn’t do it themselves.

They were able to donate many items to others in need because they had identified priorities for both entertaining and maintaining the limited health they had.

Sometimes “plates are full” and requests come in for help. Is the request on your own priority list?

We are grandparents and a priority for us is family. We don’t babysit regularly but will sit in an emergency or to give the parents some quality time together. For us “Building our Family” is always a priority. We enjoy the children and mom and dad have some “alone” time to catch up with each other. If possible, our answer is “yes.”

If you are looking for a vehicle, write down your priorities: economical, comfortable, easy to park (possibly in a parking garage), large trunk, good visibility…

When you are looking at a holiday, write down your priorities: warm weather, economical, on the water, only one flight, all inclusive, luxurious…

If your priority is to STAY IN YOUR HOME what will you need to do to make this happen?