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Almost 40% of older adults take more than five prescription medications.The scheduled times for taking most of these medications differs which can cause confusion and sometimes mistakes. Managing your medication can be easier with available tech tools. As a result of using some of these tools, your senior family member will be safer while taking their medications.

What are some of the tech tools available to help manage your medication?

  • Because technology has advanced so much, look no further than your smartphone. With an app for almost everything, alarms and reminders, your phone can be set up to manage your daily medications.
  • MedCoach is one of the available smartphone services which offers free medication reminders. The service will also connect you directly to your pharmacy when you need prescription refills.
  • PillPack is one of the prescription packs which are now offered by most pharmacies. PillPack sorts and manages your prescriptions for you and sends them to your door. Most pharmacies will set up a weekly or monthly prescription pack, This makes it easier and safer to manage your medication.
  • Karate Health is new on the health forefront. It is aimed at those with autoimmune diseases. It’s a social community where you can get answers to your health or prescription questions in real time. This is another handy tool to be looked into if you are immunosuppressed patient.
  • Reminder Rosie is a personal reminder system which is voice activated. It allows you to record your own alarms about appointments you have to go to or medication which needs to be taken at a certain time. It’s especially useful for those with dementia as the sound of a familiar voice causes less anxiety. Reminder Rosie has a battery pack as well as a plug in case of power outages.

There are various other tech tools available to help you manage your medication safely. Most of these tools can be set up for your personal use by your pharmacy so that you can be sure that you are taking safe amounts of prescription medicines at the proper time. To read more about medication tools, go to Is Your Medication Managing You? Tech Tools for Safer, Simpler Medication Management.