Senior Ocean Safety

Nothing is more pleasant than walking along the shore line with your feet and ankles in the water. Feeling the incoming waves break on your feet is exhilarating.

But how far should you go into the ocean? Hundreds of middle aged people and seniors drown in the ocean every year. Most deaths are attributed to rip tides but in reality many death may have been avoided. NEVER GO IN THE OCEAN ALONE.

Here is a test anyone can perform at home to determine how far they should go into the ocean. 

Lay on your back on the floor of your home.

From the laying position hold your breath and roll over on your stomach, still holding your breath try to get up to your hands and knees. If you can’t hold your breath until you get to your hands and knees or can’t get to your knees, you might not want to go in the ocean past your ankles. 

Being on your back or stomach and not being to get up may cause panic and breaking waves may cause your head to go under water and possibly drown.

If you are able to get to your hands and knees you should be able to breathe unless you are in deeper water. In deeper water (2 to 4 Feet) you will still have to get to your knees and stand up to avoid drowning. Remember, the deeper you go into the ocean the longer you might have to hold your breath until you can stand or get your head out of the water.

From the hands and knee position on your floor at home you should be able to stand up without support from any object. You might be alone in the ocean with nothing to help you stand or with a person that is unable to help you stand If you can’t stand on your own you should not be in the ocean over ankle deep. If you are unsteady from time to time in your daily activities you might not want to be in the ocean over ankle deep. Shallow water gives you the chance to breathe normally and call for help standing up.

 If you fall from the waves or tide movement you should be in shallow water where you are not in danger of your head plunging under water.

If you can perform the exercise of moving from your back to a standing position and being able to stand steady, you might be able to enjoy the ocean at the depth you chose.

A Medical Examiners report of a drowning will conclude just that, drowned. The report will not include the physical condition of the victim which might be the main factor of the death of the victim. Only you can determine whether or not you physical condition is satisfactory for swimming in the ocean.