Door Baffle 1
Door Baffle 1

Safety First – For Kids And Pets

As the aging Baby Boomer population retires, more and more Boomer seniors are having home elevators installed.







Along with this increase in sales and installations of in home lifts, has come an increase in reported injuries and deaths from residential elevator systems. That’s why this important safety feature is a must if you have a residential elevator installed, and plan to have children and pets around to visit. Per the diagram below, a door baffle is intended to reduce the dangers associated with the gap between the swing door and elevator shaft.


Baffles Prevent Tragedy

It is important that you understand the reasoning behind door baffles, and why door baffles are a vital safety precaution.The necessity for this addition to your home elevator is due an ever increasing number of entrapped children who have either been terribly harmed or killed due to the effects of this hoist-way door to threshold gap and door jamb issue.

An Inexpensive Fix

In most cases, a door baffle can be installed quickly and easily, which means the total investment for parts and labor is just a small fraction of your original investment. A small price to pay to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your house guests.

New Elevators Are Safe

If you need a new elevator installed, all of the systems we carry already have a door baffle in place along with many other features for safety and convenience. As a Rhode Island based dealer and installer for Inclinator® home elevator systems, we have five different cab styles, three drive system types, and many door configurations. Listed below is a summary of some of the new features for safety that are built in to all of our new elevators.

The latest safety features:

  • Internal LED Emergency lighting
  • Wood or metal handrails
  • 2016 ASME Code Compliant safety accordion gates
  • Emergency light and bell are standard
  • Hall Station is placed on each landing by the elevator door
  • Emergency battery lowering
  • Cab gate & door safety devices
  • Two Type A safety devices
  • Overrun switch
  • Slack cable disconnect
  • Optional Built In Phone
  • Call/Send


Elevator Door Baffle Front          Elevator Door Baffle Side

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