Recently several homes we have worked in have had lots of tools: some power, some electric, some new, some in unopened boxes, some that were well used and even some antique tools. The tool market has really changed over the last several years and there are a limited number of people that are willing to buy them. They want to try the electric ones. They also want to know how old they are and if there is a “Money Back” warranty. They can buy new tools from China very reasonably and they do get a one year warranty so consider that when pricing!







If you are trying to sell tools online, take a picture and include as much information as possible. Know what your bottom line is and be open to an offer.

If you have the tools going into a content or garage sale put several tools together for five or ten dollars. We usually get large freezer bags, place several items in a bag and staple or tape it closed. It is easier to sell a bag for five dollars than sell many items for twenty-five cents each.

You can also donate some or all of your tools to schools and some schools give a tax receipt. Retirement residences or adult condominiums might want tools for a “workshop” for their residences. Habitat for Humanity usually takes tools too.

Consider making up a gift of a small tool kit for a child, neighbour or grandchild. Put in a hammer, some screwdrivers, pliers and a wrench or two.